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Oct 24 12 12:48 PM

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Hello there,

to those of you who have more than one dog, I would like to ask a question. Do you find one can often snub the other?
The reason I ask is Max until say the past 2 wks has always played with Izzy, by laying on the floor under her and then they begin the whole mouthing thing and chased each other around the garden. Well as I say the past couple of weeks he's snubbing her unless he's out in the field and gets over excited then he runs with her. Also if she goes to sit next to him on sofamoves away!!!   I don't understand the change in him, so any ideas / advice would be gratefully received. Maybe Max is becoming a little moody! 

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First Pork Pie

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Oct 29 12 9:31 AM

I'm no way an expert or anything, I'm already wondering why I'm replying, but I get the feeling that dominance has arrived.

There's a good chance that amongst the play-fighting, a real fight or a domineering incident has occurred and Izzy is top dog. Max's respect for this dominant behaviour is to be submissive, which - in my opinion only - leads to him moving out of the way for Izzy to claim where he's been sitting. Also, play is initiated when Izzy allows it.

However, I could be entirely wrong - without seeing them or knowing them as much as you do.

Maybe keep a wee eye on their body language. Who wins the ball on most occasions? Who wants to walk in front of the other while out on walkies. All Izzy may need to do is just give a 'look' to Max and he'll bow his head.

I hope that I'm wrong on this, because there's nothing more than we wish for, ourselves, is to have Fergus and Oonagh play and have fun together without any issues or incidents too.

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Oct 29 12 1:12 PM

Thank you for taking the time to reply and offer advice. Izzy chases Max chasing the ball so he wins as she's not interested in the ball. Also with sticks Max always wins, but a football is a different matter, she goes bonkers and he lets her have it. So god knows. Will keep my eye on them, hope it doesnt drive them apart.

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Best Veteran

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Oct 29 12 1:22 PM

i wouldn't worry too much if i were you, its really quite normal behaviour for a male/female pair, noodle is definately the boss of curly, he has a chew she wants, she takes it, he's sat where she wants to well he moves, don't get me wrong they'll play fight quite happily together, snuggle up together but if she wants something she will get it, sometimes i think she's a bit too much of a bully and i'll take a chew off her and give it back to him but otherwise i don't really interfere, as long as it never becomes anything more, generally i think males are always more submissive, this is why i personally would never have a female/female pairing or group, my sil's dogs unf lost their lives when they took a fight too farsadand had to be pts. our last male/female pair honey and bob were much the same with honey being in charge, when honey died and we got curly well the 2 boys loved each other but bob as the older dog was def in charge then which he loved. i personally think a male pair probably work better but you get what you get don't you? i think as long as you maybe interfere if she goes too far then everything will be fine, but girls are generally bossy britches anyway aren't they, i don't hold with the whole pack leader/dominance thing really but as long as the dogs know ultimately that you and your wife are the 'parent' type figures then i don't think you will have much to worry about!

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Oct 29 12 1:59 PM

It's really difficult to tell what is happening without seeing them together - dogs send out very subtle signals to the human eye but easily recognisable from dog-dog. Dogs sometimes just need some personal space so will take them selves off and things like head turns and ground sniffing are calming signals dogs use if feeling uncomfortable; appeasing or letting another dog know they mean no harm Brenda Aloff has put together some very interesting pictorial books on canine body language - well worth a read ;))

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